Warfordsburg Presbyterian Church

Advent Activities


Here are devotions for families for each week of Advent beginning the week of November 29th.

Week 1 click here: Devotion Week 1Week 2 click here: Devotion Week 2
Week 3 click here: Devotion Week 3
Week 4 click here: Devotion Week 4


Click Here

Print it out and Celebrate Advent Each Day with your Family


The candles for Advent are Hope, Peace, Joy (usually pink), Love, and Christ Candle (usually white). Listed below are candles that you can print off, color, and place in your window to show your neighbors and friends what Advent means by having your own candles colored.

Hope Candle click here: HOPE
Peace Candle click here: PEACE
Joy Candle click here: JOY
Love Candle click here: LOVE
Christ Candle click here: CHRIST

What Christmas Means to Me

For Advent Sundays, we are asking children of any age to draw a picture (crayon, colored pencil, etc.) to answer “What Christmas Means to Me.”. If you want to be creative, using your phone, take a short video with your child holding up the picture, and if able, telling us what it means to them. Or you can simply send a picture of the drawing. Please include first name and age with your drawing. Email them to Wpc4Faith@Frontier.com so that we can upload them into a slide presentation during our Christmas Eve service.